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November 21, 2012
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Babs Seed - One Bad Apple by TheMasterofDespair Babs Seed - One Bad Apple by TheMasterofDespair
Babs Seed is the new filly in town. I got to say when I first heard of this character and this episode I had my doubts. But now that I see what she looks like, I think I might like this character. When I first heard of her, which I heard that she was a colt by the way, I was kind of thinking of a generic bully character. But that... That smirk, Diamond Tiara couldn't pull off a smirk that sinister. I think she is going to be far crueler than both Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon combined.

Her design, while I'm not to fond, at least for the moment with that brownish coat (I'll get use to it eventually) I find her mane to be quite gorgeous. If you notice she has qualities of both Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara. The country girl appearance of Apple Bloom, with the attitude of Diamond Tiara. In fact, she almost seems to be the ideal image of what a child of the Diamondbloom shipping would look like. She has a rich country girl feel to her.

The episode says The Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to ask her to join their group, but she rejects it, and instead would rather bully them. I got to say I like that idea, it's quite refreshing to see a character who doesn't like The Cutie Mark Crusaders for a change. I imagine Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are going to try to bully her at first, which will than backfire. Afterwards I think she is going to join them and the three of them are going to make The Cutie Mark Crusaders lives a living hell.

But I think Babs Seed is going to go over the line which will even surprise both Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. I see this episode ending one of two ways, Babs Seed understanding how bad she made everyone feel and learning her lesson, or Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon actually defending The Cutie Mark Crusaders against Babs Seed.

Now I'm just going by this one picture, and the summary for this episode, but I really hope that Babs Seed is as incredible as I hope she will be. I 'm really starting to like this character, and if she is like how I think she will be, she could possible take Diamond Tiara's place as best filly. We all know Diamond Tiara is the best filly, with Silver Spoon as a close second, and the The Cutie Mark Crusaders in 3rd, 4th, and 5th, the order depends on your opinion.

Hopefully she isn't just a one shot character, she doesn't unnecessarily need to be a permanent character. Maybe someone who reappears every once and a while, like Zecora. What ever the case I think I'm going to enjoy this new filly.
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HareTrinity Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You were close: She was much crueller than DT & SS! Then she joined up with them. Then she "learnt her lesson" (in theory).

It's a great shame the episode on bullying chose to practically ignore DT & SS, just tagging them onto Babs for a "team of bullies" and then using them as acceptable targets for a punchline. I struggle to think of what was going through the writer's heads when they got the message to do an episode on bullying:

"Of course! A brand new little filly can come to town and the CMC will learn through her that sometimes bullying is just a cycle of abuse!"
"But what about the foal bullies already in Ponyville?"
"Oh, yeah. They can be there too."
Mori101 Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
She's so mean she's adorable.
Augh, now I can't tell who I like more, Sweetie Belle or Babs!
Hey, nice screen shot.
pegasista98 Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i think she is going to be heavly shipped with dt and ss
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